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NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation System

Universal Treatment System

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Comprehensive Treatment Options

The NeoGraft is one of the most longstanding and trusted names in hair restoration. It utilizes a minimally invasive technology to carefully extract and collect individual follicular units for transplantation. These follcular units are then transplanted into the areas needed. No scalpel or large incision is used, leaving no large scars. The system is completely universal and able to be used on both men and woman, for restoration of hair, beards, and eyebrows.

Simplicity in Technique

NeoGraft is able to dissect and harvest the follicular units in one step, increasing the efficiency of the transplantation procedure. This means that higher volumes of hair can be transplanted in a single session, making the experience and recovery much better for the patient.  With minimal discomfort and recovery, we aim to make the experience as relaxing as possible.

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Personalized and Natural Results

By transplanting healthy follicular units, NeoGraft is able to restore to a thick, full, and natural look. Follicles are separated based on thickness, as well as the amount of hairs in the follicle. Using these characteristics, hair thickness and quality is able to be matched, avoiding any unnatural transition in the newly transplanted hair. NeoGraft makes this process much easier by increasing precision and efficiency, resulting in better and more transformative results.

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