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About Our Practice


The Area's Most Comprehensive Aesthetic Center


When it comes to full scale aesthetics, there is no single center in the area that is more comprehensive than Youthful Images. We are the only center to offer aesthetic plastic surgery, nonsurgical rejuvenation, and the most advanced hair restoration. Our goal stands to be a single stop for anyone's aesthetics needs.

We aim for both convenience and quality. Our center has been tailored to offer the complete package of treatments for anyone's aesthetic needs. These treatments are all excellent on their own, however, they are frequently synergistic, enhancing the results with complementary procedures. We want you to be able to enjoy the perks of getting any treatments under one roof.

We currently provide a large treatment area for both surgical consultations and follow-ups, hair transplantation procedures, and medspa treatments, as well as a surgical suite for operative treatments. Our brand new state-of-the-art facility is under construction in Avon, CT, providing a two-story experience. Our main floor will lead patients into our 3800 square foot office space for consultations and medspa treatments. Our lower floor will house our 2400 square foot procedural suite with two procedural areas--one for operative treatments and one for hair transplantation procedures.

Plastic Surgery Expertise

For over 30 years, Youthful Images, under the direction of Dr. Patrick Felice, has been providing the best surgical and non-surgical cosmetic results in the region. Now, with the addition of Dr. Charles Karcutskie, that expertise continues to expand.

Drs. Felice and Karcutskie both offer the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery, including procedures for the face, body, breast, and specialized treatments for men. Both surgeons have a stellar background in their training and experience and treat each patient for their individualized needs.

While most think of simply surgical solutions when hearing Plastic Surgery, the field has evolved into much more than that. There are now multiple non-surgical options to improve your look, providing results independent of surgery or enhancing a surgical result.  Dr. Felice began this many years ago, as one of the first people in Connecticut to introduce laser therapy. Over the years, he has updated the equipment as we continue to evolve and be more effective, ensuring that we are offering the best options for our patients. Additionally, other treatments, such as injectables, microneedling, platelet rich fibrin matrix, and more, have evolved and, likewise, our practice has evolved with them. We offer an extensive list of non-surgical solutions, as well as a custom designed line of skin care products, all through their exclusive medspa.

What makes Youthful Images unique?

Not all cosmetic surgery practices and medspas are run by fully trained plastic surgeons. There is typically very little regulation on who can operate these businesses. Despite this, plastic surgeons are the only individuals that are formally trained in both surgical and nonsurgical techniques used in these practices and medspas. At Youthful Images, our practice is owned and operated by fully trained plastic surgeons. All of our staff, including our clinical staff, have been fully trained by our surgeons.


Because of our extensive background in each of the treatments we provide, we can assure that we offer expertise, experience, and knowledge that cannot be matched.

Furthermore, as a practice that offers both surgical and non-surgical solutions, we are able to provide all you need for your aesthetic goals in one location. We know that at Youthful Images, we can be your best solution for looking and feeling younger.

What can Youthful Images offer me?

At Youthful Images, we provide the full spectrum of non-surgical and surgical options for complete rejuvenation.  With our team of highly trained clinical staff, we offer the most trusted treatments of injectables, lasers, microneedling, platelet rich fibrin matrix, nonsurgical body contouring, and more.

On the surgical side, Drs. Felice and Karcutskie offer complete aesthetic surgical solutions.  Whether it is procedures targeted at rejuvenating your face, body, or breasts, our surgeons have the highest expertise for the best results.  In addition to this, Youthful Images also has an entire program geared towards plastic surgery for men, an often overlooked area.

The newest service offered is our Center for Hair Restoration, which is now one of the most advanced centers in New England.  We offer hair transplantation services with both the ARTAS robotic system, as well as the Neograft system, two of the most revolutionary systems in the world.

We are confident that no matter what your aesthetic needs are, we are your solution.

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