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ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation System

The most advanced technology in hair restoration.

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Patient Focused Design

The ARTAS system is a physician assisted robotic hair restoration system that was designed specifically to improve the quality of results for the patient. With the use of artificial intelligence, the system is able to improve accuracy, speed, and precision all superior to any human driven technique.  These qualities make this system the most advanced in the field.  At Youthful Images, we are one of only a few centers in New England to offer this treatment.

ARTAS iXi - The Most Advanced System

The ARTAS system was first developed in 2006. Even initially, it revolutionized hair transplantation.  Since then, it has gone through much evolution to the most modern and sophisticated system, the current ARTAS iXi.  At Youthful Images, we are one of the few in the country to have this most advanced system.

Using multi-camera stereoscopic vision, the system utilizes 44 micron resolution, amounting to about half the thickness of a hair. With the improved resolution and a more versatile seven axis arm, ARTAS iXi is able to deliver automated accuracy and efficiency that cannot be matched by any other system or human.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, the ARTAS system analyzes the scalp to instantaneously calculate hair density. As works, it uses the multi-camera system to automatically calculate the correct pattern and angle of follicular units for harvest and implantation. It is able to correctly adjust for variance in these parameters to assure the most natural and consistent results. Because of the automated AI technology, the ARTAS robot is able to harvest and implant follicular units approximately twice as fast as any human, with better precision.

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