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About Us

Youthful Images is the premier plastic surgery and aesthetics center in the Greater Hartford and Farmington Valley areas of Connecticut.  Established in 1990 by Dr. Patrick Felice, it has provided over 30 years of surgical and nonsurgical expertise.  In 2023, the practice expanded with the arrival of Dr. Charles Karcutskie, bringing the newest treatments and techniques from some of the most prestigious centers in plastic surgery.  Now, more than ever, Youthful Images continues to thrive and provide the highest quality of aesthetic needs to the area.  Offering the full spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery, the latest in nonsurgical rejuvenation, the most advanced techniques in hair restoration, custom designed skin care products, and a continually evolving philosophy, Youthful Images is one of the only centers offering full scale aesthetic solutions in one location.

Full Spectrum Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Drs. Felice and Karcutskie both offer numerous surgical procedures regarding the aesthetics of the face, body, and breast.  With years of experience and the newest proven techniques, their results always aim to provide each individual patient with their exact desires.  They understand that each patient has different goals, and to achieve these goals, the approaches must be specifically tailored.  Over the years, both of our surgeons have perfected these techniques to continue to improve each patient’s outcomes.

With expertise in facial aesthetics, breast enhancement and shaping, body contouring, fat transfer, and more, Drs. Felice and Karcutskie are able to provide the full scope of aesthetic surgery.

For more information about surgical procedures offered, click here.

For more information about Dr. Felice, Dr. Karcutskie, and all of our staff, click here.

Botox Treatment

Complete Nonsurgical Rejuvenation

As powerful as surgery is, there still remains a number of issues that it cannot resolve.  Whether a patient is not quite ready for surgery, or looking to enhance a surgery, this is the void that nonsurgical rejuvenation can fill.  Whether it is injectables, laser therapy, or other technology, these treatments have the ability to close the circle and truly complete each patient’s total look.

Drs. Felice and Karcutskie have fully trained clinical staff offering treatments that are proven to provide the best results.  They provide standard treatments such as botox and hyaluronic acid fillers.  In addition, they also treat conditions such as excessive sweating and masseter hypertrophy, which can be seen with teeth clenching.  Their platelet rich fibrin system is the most advanced in the field.  Laser therapies include both carbon dioxide lasers, as well as the Clarity II system, which has the versatility to use on patients of virtually any skin tone.  Other specialized treatments include the Dermafrac microneedling system, Accufit noninvasive muscle toning, and Sculpture noninvasive body contouring.

Youthful Images is extremely well equipped to handle any and all nonsurgical forms of rejuvenation of both the face and body.  For a full list of nonsurgical treatment options, click here.


Specialized Treatments for Men

Drs. Felice and Karcutskie understand that aesthetic needs don’t just apply to women.  They have designed an entire range of both surgical and nonsurgical services specifically aimed towards men.  Over the years, they have treated many male patients and have understood what men typically desire.  As with women, there are differences in each patient’s wishes, and Drs. Felice and Karcutskie apply the same philosophy of treating the individual to meet each man’s specific aesthetic needs.

Learn more about the most common treatment for men here.


Connecticut's Most Advanced Center for Hair Restoration

At Youthful Images, we offer the most diverse options for hair restoration.  Nonsurgical treatments include specialized hair products and platelet rich fibrin matrix injections.  In addition to this, we are the only center in the entire state to offer hair transplants using both the Artas Robotic System and the Neograft System.  These are the most technologically advanced systems and provide more natural results in less time, as well as very little down time.

To learn more about our options, click here.

Beauty Products

Custom Designed Skin Care Products

Many years ago, Dr. Felice realized that in order to best take care of his patients’ skin care needs, he would need to tailor specific formulas.  He then worked with experts in the field to help develop many formulas for both daily regimens as well as specialized needs.  Branded under the name Radiansia, he has continually updated these formulas to offer the patients at Youthful Images skin care of the highest quality.

Shop Radiansia skin care products here.

Our Surgeons

Patrick Felice, MD

Patrick R. Felice, MD

Responsible for establishing the practice, Dr. Felice brings over 30 years of expertise in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Charles Karcutskie, MD

Charles A. Karcutskie, MD

Dr. Karcutskie brings his expertly crafted techniques from some of the most highly regarded medical centers in the world.

Our Services

We offer full scope aesthetic surgery of the face, body, and breast, including options specially suited for men.  We also host the most advanced hair restoration center in the region, as well as nonsurgical rejuvenation and a custom designed skin care line.

Photo Gallery

Explore each of our surgeon's excellent results in their galleries

Social Media

Follow our practice, our surgeons, and our clinical staff on social media for regularly updated information on all of our services offered.  We directly manage these accounts and aim to provide information about various treatments, the ideal candidates, results, and why our techniques stand out.

These accounts will also be your direct line to various specials and promotional events within our practice.

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Youthful Images Aesthetics

Patrick R. Felice, MD

Charles A. Karcutskie, MD

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