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Abdominoplasty Recovery – Healing Process Connecticut

Published on January 17, 2014 by

During your abdominoplasty recovery, you’ll need to be careful with the recontoured area, since your body will have gone through a lot of changes. Part of being careful is wearing a bandage around your stomach or a compression garment, which will keep your tissues in place and healing. Having help at home during abdominoplasty recovery […]

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Tummy Tuck – Excess Skin Connecticut Abdominoplasty

Published on December 20, 2013 by

Dramatic weight loss leads to loose, drooping stomach skin. Childbirth also stretches the skin, along with loosening the abdominal muscles. If you’re suffering from these issues, tummy tuck surgery will help you get rid of them. While the effects of a tummy tuck can be fantastic, if you lose weight or give birth after the […]

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Mommy-Makeover in Connecticut

Published on January 25, 2013 by

The human body is dynamic and always in a state of change. A Tummy Tuck operation is the very best surgical procedure to dramatically improve all of the above mentioned changes of the abdominal region. During the first two months after a Tummy Tuck or Tummy Tuck, scars will usually have a certain amount of […]

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Tips for Cosmetic Surgery in Connecticut

Published on January 24, 2012 by

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery, there are several things to consider before you go under the knife. Whether you are getting a tummy tuck, liposuction, a breast augmentation, facelift or another procedure, you need to think about what will happen before and after the surgery in Connecticut. Choosing to have any surgical […]

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