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Cellulaze™ For Cellulite

Connecticut Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Patrick Felice Offers Cellulaze™; a Revolutionary Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

You asked for it and now it’s here. Defeat cellulite at its very core.

Cellulite is a frustrating problem for many and it seems that no level of effort or aerobic activity will lift the veil of dimples. Before you start tearing your hair out, there is something you may not know. The existence of cellulite on your body may be out of your control. Some think that it is related to diet and exercise but this is not always the case. Cellulite is a structural problem that lies beneath the skin’s surface…you may have thought that cellulite was something you would have to accept… but now there is a treatment you haven’t tried.

Attack cellulite at the source with Cellulaze from Cynosure the only strategy that beats cellulite on a structural level

Cellulaze is a great answer for stubborn cellulite. This laser-assisted treatment is minimally invasive. This revolutionary treatment is clinically proven to thicken skin, creating a healthy glow and smooth appearance. This simple treatment is a new anti-cellulite procedure that is gaining recognition.

Cellulaze Bloomfield

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Cellulite is a complex problem with many different elements playing a role in this undesirable skin condition: aging, hormones, genetics, dramatic weight changes

Cellulite occurs when connective tissue bands under the skin tighten or stiffen in response to the factors mentioned above. The fat cells they surround are squeezed under the skin and this creates mounds or bumps that have earned the name “cottage cheese.” Some people have more problems with this than others, especially those with thin skin.

Aging, hormones, genetics, and weight fluctuations are all a part of life. You can’t control these factors, regardless of how many miles you run or salads you eat. You may not be able to choose whether or not you have cellulite but you can choose to treat it with a procedure that works. Many cellulite treatments are merely superficial with a method that works from the skin surface. However, to treat cellulite at the source, Cellulaze pioneers in the body improvement world by targeting the fibrous bands beneath the skin simultaneously thickening skin and increasing its elasticity.

Cellulaze Innovation

Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure designed to attack the structure of cellulite beneath your skin. Results are long-lasting and evident after a single treatment.

Cellulaze Procedure

Cellulaze destroys cellulite with a method that is barely skin deep. A very small cannula (or tube about the size of the tip of a pen) is inserted under the skin. A “SideLaze” laser fiber inside the tube delivers energy at the site of insertion. This stimulation increases the thickness and integrity of the skin while also loosening the fibrous bands that are segmenting the pockets of fat in the first place. Lumps and dimples vanish and skin is smoothed and restored.

Eligibility for Cellulaze

Cellulaze is recommended for women who are slightly overweight who also have mild to moderate cellulite on their thighs. Dr. Felice will be able to tell you if cellulite laser treatment is right for you.

The Cellulaze Difference

Cellulite may seem like such a stubborn problem because methods that claim to be effective—massage, external energy devices, creams and lotions—never seem to remedy the problem. A week later, the cellulite returns or regains visibility after a short-lived absence. These treatments are applied to the skin’s surface and never truly penetrate to a level that brings a true solution and have inconsistent results to boot. Cellulaze is the first and only cellulite laser treatment that treats the actual problems underneath the skin to deliver a proven longer-lasting result from just one simple treatment.

Cellulaze Works

You may feel like every treatment for cellulite has failed you; but Cellulaze is backed by many years of clinical research. Studies have shown it increases the thickness of your skin by 25% and the elasticity of your skin by 29%—results that can’t be imitated by classic cellulite treatments. While restructuring skin to release fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface, the thickening components of Cellulaze really improves the skin’s appearance and also lends elasticity to create a more forgiving covering for your curves. In a recent survey, patients were 93% satisfied or very satisfied with their results one year after the procedure, and in addition, they would recommend Cellulaze laser treatment to a friend.

The Cellulaze Procedure

Before the procedure, the area to be treated is numbed with local anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort. You may feel a light pressure or mild sensation in the treatment area. After the treatment, you may feel some slight aches and pains similar to those of a physical workout.

Length of Procedure

Cellulaze may take, on average, one or two hours. This estimate will vary from person to person since the size of the targeted area may differ.

Is a hospital stay part of the Celllulaze treatment?

No. Cellulaze treatment does not require a hospital stay. It can be performed under local anesthesia in a doctor’s office or in a surgery center.

Will multiple treatments be necessary?

Only one treatment is necessary to achieve results with Cellulaze. In the months following treatment, skin quality and smoothness will continue to improve with optimal results appearing in three to twelve months following the procedure.

Are results long-lasting?

Clinical studies have shown that Cellulaze recipients enjoy long lasting results. Results are best maintained in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

Does Cellulaze cause scarring?

The incision sites will be very small. Dr. Felice will be able advise you in caring for your skin post treatment to maximize healing and deter any lasting, significant signs of the procedure.

How long will recovery last?

This treatment is minimally invasive, and usually requires only local anesthesia. Light bruising may occur but you should be able to return to normal activity in 5-7 days. Patients are asked to do wear a compression garment for a short period of time following treatment.

How much does Cellulaze cost?

Please got to the Pricing Menu page for the cost range for a Cellulaze. An exact cost for a Cellulaze surgery will be given during your consultation.

To schedule a consultation and discuss if Cellulaze™ is right for you, please contact Youthful Images at 860-242-0505. Results may vary.