Spider Vein Treatment Bloomfield

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Individuals seeking treatment of spider veins, whether on the face, around the nose or on the thighs and legs, often inquire about various techniques to eradicate these apparent blood vessels. The treatment of spider veins is very selective and dependant on size. Dr. Felice uses a variety of techniques including injections as well as laser treatments to help eradicate these vessels. Larger vessels and smaller blush type spider veins would best be treated with small injections of sclero solution. Vessels around the nose and on the cheeks of the face and for smaller vessels on the legs may be best treated with Photoderm/IPL laser.

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The results from all type of sclerosis therapy are dependant on the size of the vessels and whether multiple treatments are required. Typically, most vessels can be eradicated within two to three treatments. Both injection and laser procedures create an inflammation to the internal walls of the blood vessels which cause cessation of blood flow through the vessels. Over time, the vessels are digested by the body’s natural immune systems. It should be stressed that the vessels will discolor for the time period in which they are being digested and it may take 3-12 weeks to eradicate their appearance. If a second procedure is required, this is usually deferred until 8 weeks following the first treatment. The current laser procedures have eliminated cumbersome dressings and the need for compressive stockings.

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