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MINT Lift Bloomfield

Youthful Images presents the “Mint Lift”

After several years of researching the string lift procedures, Dr. Felice has found the product he is most comfortable with: The MINT threads.


  • MINT PDO is a FDA-cleared, safe and dissolvable PDO Thread for effective soft tissue approximation.
  • MINT PDO is an exciting innovation that provides dramatic and longer-lasting results than other treatments filling the gap between invasive surgery and injectables.
  • MINT PDO has been studied in multiple clinical studies, providing its efficacy and safety in repositioning sagging tissue to achieve and rediscover your youthfulness.
  • Instant and natural results.
  • No incisions. No Scarring.  Minimal downtime.
  • MINT PDO offers 2-way care by repositioning sagging skin and stimulating collagen synthesis.

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Cost: Depending on the area(s) needing attention, each string costs $250.

Example:  Brow requires a minimum of 4 strings.
Cost $250 X 4 = $1,000 plus $150 tray fee.

Example:  Mid face requires a minimum of 8 strings.
Cost $250 X 8 = $2,000 plus $150 tray fee.

See video of the actual procedure


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