Designed to Make Whitening Fun and Rewarding Bloomfield

As you see your smile become whiter during the process, you will look forward to your next application. Whitening should be something you look forward to, not something you are afraid of. Liquid Smile is so simple to use. You paint it directly on your teeth after brushing, smile wide (keeping your lips apart for 30 seconds to allow the gel to dry), and then to go to bed.

Sleep Comfortably with no irritation from gum or tooth sensitivity and resume your normal daily routine when you wake up.

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Designed by one of the original Brite Smile dentists, who trained thousands of dentists on that procedure and performed thousands of Brite Smile treatements, Liquid Smile is the technical whitening advancement that consumers have been longing for. Liquid Smile’s professional developers did the research to ensure the product fits into your lifestyle.

Liquid Smile creates an enjoyable whitening experience.