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Botox® Bloomfield

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What are they?

Botox® (onabotulinumtoxinA) are both FDA approved for cosmetic use. They are used to treat what are called “muscle driven” lines which are, frown lines (between your eyes), forehead lines and crow’s feet. By injecting small amount into the targeted muscles of these specific areas, the line lines are diminished, yet the face remains animated and natural looking.

Are the Effect Immediate and How long Does it last?

Both Botox® work slowly, showing their full effect over 7-10 days and expect a treatment to last for approximately 4 months. You will notice the effect also wear off slowly over the 4 month period, as the lines become once again visible; it will be time for your next follow up treatment. Noting individual results may vary slightly.

Is there “down time”?

No “down time”!

Is there pre or post care?

In preparation for your treatment, you will be asked to abstain from the use of aspirin products for 10 days prior to your treatment.

After the treatment you will be instructed not to rub or touch the treated area, abstain from vigorous exercise and not to lie flat for 4 hours.

What is the cost?

Treatments fees depend on the number of areas treated.