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Combining Procedures for Maximum Effect Bloomfield

All too often we underestimate the value of starting small. Keeping up with the aging process does not start with a facelift. There are a myriad of things we can do to help prevent the rapid signs of aging.

Clinical skincare is always a good place to start when looking for ways to improve your appearance. This should not be confused with a “facial” delivered in most spas which can be a relaxing experience, but does little to reverse or prevent further aging of the skin. It is essential to use the proper concentrations of restoring fruit acids in the least irritating formulations. The Peels should be done in a medical setting and can be enhanced by a properly performed Microdermabrasion. By taking proper care of your skin everyday, you can create a healthy foundation from which to build a plan for subtle improvements.

Many of these procedures can be further enhanced when done in combination with each other. For example, Botox® is very effective for the treatment of frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead furrows. These are the lines that are created by the contraction of muscles during normal facial expression. The results from Botox® are impressive. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions. Botox® will not poison you. It will not leave you with an expressionless face. And no, your eyes will not stay open when you are sleeping. Botox® should be administered in a medical setting and preferably by a physician who understands the actions of the various muscle groups.

Wrinkles that are not associated with muscle activity will not respond to Botox®. These wrinkles require filler materials. Photorejuvenation (Intense pulse light and WrinkleLight) is a recent breakthrough that further enhances the combination procedures by evening the skin tones, stimulating the elastic fibers and thickening existing collagen. A series of treatments are generally required and has the distinct advantage of no down-time.