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Youthful Images of Connecticut publishes company newsletters every few months. Our newsletters contain various information about plastic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic services, and special offers on the products and services offered at Youthful Images.

Newsletters/Vol 4 Issue 2.pdf

Published July 2008

Featured articles:

“Operating Room Safety”
“Reveal Brighter, Healthier skin with the Illuminize Peel”
TNS Regeneration System

Newsletters/Vol 4 Issue 1.pdf

Published April 2008

Featured articles:

“Through the years as a Plastic Surgeons . . . a personal perspective”
“Secret to Vibrant Skin”

Newsletters/Vol 3 Issue 4.pdf

Published March 2007

Featured articles:

“How do I know what products are right for me” Nia24
“5 Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Flawless Skin”

Newsletters/Vol 3 Issue 3.pdf

Published September 2006

Featured articles:

“Your skin may reflect what your body is doing”
Youthful Images Comparison Chart
“Treatments tailored for the appropriate condition”

Newsletters/Vol 3 Issue 2.pdf

Published June 2006

Featured article:

“Announcing the Encore Active FX”

Newsletters/Vol 3 Issue 1.pdf

Published March 2006

Featured articles:

“Are you exercising your skin?”
“Are all MedSpas alike?”
“Spring is here! Time to refresh your winter skin”

Newsletters/Vol 2 Issue 7.pdf

Published November 2005

Featured articles:

“Send those wrinkles packing for the holidays”
“Announcement: Office Gets a face lift”
“Put yourself, your family, and your friends first”

Newsletters/Vol 2 Issue 6.pdf

Published September 2005

Featured articles:

“Now offering DermaWave – no needle mesotherapy”
“SkinMedica introduces new product”
“Pure Encapsulations – Anti-aging Formulas”

Newsletters/Vol 2 Issue 5.pdf

Published May 2005

Featured articles:

“New Photorejuvenation Protocol”
“String Lifts”
“Enhancing Hair Removal”

Newsletters/Vol 2 Issue 4.pdf

Published March 2005

Featured articles:

“Modern approaches to breast asymmetry”
“Is Botox® safe”
“Why choose Youthful Images”

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