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Dr. Patrick R. Felice Theresa R. Urbanski

Hi, my name is Theresa R. Urbanski and I live in Wethersfeld. Three years ago I made a crucial decision that gave me a new lease on life…Bariatric Surgery. As a last resort to my constant struggle to lose weight, this was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Ioannis Raftopoulos, Director of Bariatric Surgery at St. Francis Hospital, performed Gastric Bypass Surgery. My weight loss was dramatic and I successfully weaned off 14 pills, thus curing my longtime struggle with high blood pressure and heart disease. But, as with many forms of Bariatric Surgery, my skin sagged from my extreme weight loss. I began to research Plastic Surgery following Bariatric Surgery and realized quickly that this is a very specialized area of Plastic Surgery. I found Dr. Patrick R. Felice of Youthful Images, Bloomfeld, who is listed as a Leading Physician of theWorld in Plastic Surgery’s Top Doctors publication; he has been recognized for over 26 years, as one of Connecticut’s leading authorities in plastic surgery. After several consultations, a systematic treatment plan was developed and Dr. Felice performed two surgeries at St. Francis Hospital to both remove my excess skin and restore it back to its youthful vitality. I have found Dr. Felice to be a very caring surgeon who goes out of his way to make sure all of your needs are met. Together with his professional staff, he has built an exceptional practice and outstanding reputation in the feld of plastic surgery.

I am now fnally living the life that I had always wanted and have been given a new lease on my health. For those considering plastic surgery, I would highly recommend that they contact Dr. Patrick R. Felice.