Hyperhidrosis Bloomfield


Patrick R. Felice, M.D.
Youthful Images
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Stop Axillary Sweating (Hyperhidrosis), the Laser-Assisted Way

Bloomfield, CT August 12, 2012 – Dr. Felice, a Plastic Surgeon with Youthful Images, with offices in Bloomfield is pleased to announce he is now offering advance laser-assisted sweat gland reduction in the axillary or armpit areas for the treatment of excess perspiration or Hyperhidrosis.

According to Dr. Felice, “Many individuals are affected by excessive sweating in the axillary area. This is a problem for them because of embarrassing stains on clothing, destruction of expensive clothing and the possibility of odor. The alternatives to date have been topical lotions or botox® injections. These alternatives are short lived and expensive.”

SmartLipo is unique – its ideal laser energy effectively melts sweat glands, and can be performed under a local anesthetic. “The technique is perfect for us,” continues Dr. Felice. “Compared to other methods, patients enjoy long term reduction in sweating, with most being permanent.”

“If you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then yes, we should schedule a consultation. The SmartLipo procedure offers an impressive list of benefits – Single treatment, faster recovery and the potential for a permanent treatment solution.”

For additional information, contact Youthful Images at 860-242-0505 or visit the website at www.youthfulimages.com.