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Our Philosophy

Patrick R. Felice, M.D.When people think of Plastic Surgery, they think of surgery. Over the last thirty years, I have focused on the aging transition from age 20 to 85 and individualized the treatment for each specific age group. With that said, I developed skin care techniques, laser procedures, non invasive fat removal, skin tightening procedures and use of Botox and fillers, which can be used before contemplating surgery.

These procedures have minimal downtime, do not require anesthesia and are less costly alternatives to surgery. This requires a sizable ongoing investment in the latest technology – and I’ve done that since 1994 retiring over 14 lasers for new technology. What makes us unique; when it’s time for the surgical approach, you’ve got the skill and experience of a renowned board certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of surgical experience. Finally, I only employ the best our profession can offer, from the Office Administator to the Registered Nurses who specialize in plastic/cosmetic procedures.

At Youthful Images, it is our philosophy that each patient is a unique individual and should be treated as such. For over 20 years it has been our goal to deliver to our patients the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments available. In the process of achieving this goal, the practice expanded and has become a state of the art comprehensive cosmetic center, mostly due to the unique needs of our patients.

Clinical skincare and nutritional supplements have become cornerstones of the practice, by helping patients of all ages and skin types, look and feel their best every day.

As laser technology became available in the early 1990s, it became clear these advances would help to treat patients troubled by unwanted hair, spider veins, sun damage and acne.

For those individuals desiring surgical enhancements, our desire has been to offer more that the average surgical experience. Privacy and personalized care are two areas our patients value highly. We offer a fully Connecticut licensed ambulatory surgical center for the convenience and safety of our patients. The patient care given by our highly trained and certified operating room team is unparalleled. By providing our own on site surgical suite, you can be assured that all patients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, while maintaining their privacy. Post operatively, lymphatic drainage massages are performed by a licensed massage therapist to reduce swelling and promote recovery.

We are always researching new and innovative treatments. Only after careful consideration for effectiveness and patient safety will a treatment or product be offered by Youthful Images.

It is our promise to every patient that we will continue to meet their needs and provide the highest level of care available.