When thinking about Botox, fillers and laser treatments; where do you go? Well don’t let the word “spa” fool you; these are not your everyday spa treatments! Administering minimally invasive treatments requires highly trained medical professionals.

The good news: Advances being made in aesthetics continues to grow every year.

The bad news: It remains up to the patient to select a med spa that will not only use state of the art techniques, but will do it with safety in mind.

A “hands on” physician directed med spa is the gold standard. This ensures you are being treated by highly educated and trained professionals under the direct supervision of a qualified aesthetically trained physician. Always keep in mind, even the safest of treatments delivered by unskilled hands, can create serious complications. Unfortunately, there are “one” day or “weekend” certificate courses that will train individuals to deliver a variety of aesthetic treatments. Why would you go to a hair stylist or a podiatrist for a Botox or filler treatment? It would be like calling an electrician who took a weekend course in plumbing, if your pipes burst. Doesn’t make much sense: does it?
Below are some questions you should be asking:

  1. Who will be administering my treatment?
  2. What is their background, training and experience?
  3. Are they board certified? What specialty?
  4. How many years have they been performing the procedure you desire?
  5. How many procedures have they performed?
  6. Will I be evaluated by an aesthetic physician who will assist me in selecting the appropriate treatment for my needs?
  7. In the event of a reaction; is there a physician on call 24 hrs a day to respond to my call?

Take the time to do your homework. Ask questions and entrust your care to only individuals who are the most qualified.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to contact me.