How to Choose A MedSpa...We Put the Med in Med Spa

There are so many choices today when choosing the services, you need from a Med Spa. Unfortunately, there are many Med Spas that cannot support their claims with experience.

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Patrick Felice, a board certified Plastic Surgeon, developed a concept for “One stop shopping for Cosmetic Services”. He felt that such a facility should provide only the most effective and safe methods for reversing aging.

The concept became “The Med Spa at Youthful Images”

Dr. Felice was one of the first to offer clinical based skincare, laser services, botox and fillers in Connecticut. In addition, he began a successful acne treatment program and developed his own green based skincare line of products.

Now, Med Spas open on every corner. Very few are directed by physicians specifically trained in this specialty area.

Always question the credentials of those administering your treatment. Don’t be fooled by “Experts” who learned the procedure in a weekend course. Lasers, botox, fillers and many other procedures performed at these facilities are effective and equally dangerous in the wrong hands.

Always remember that plastic surgeons and dermatologists are the only specialties trained in these areas. Anything else is simply falling short.