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Providing comprehensive care for both your hair restoration and maintenance

Medical Hair Maintenance

At Youthful Images, we aim to follow you along with your hair restoration journey. We are committed to providing not only with a solution to your current hair loss, but an answer to combating future hair loss.
We believe that it is just as important to maintain your native hair as it is to restore what you have lost. Our multidirectional approach all begins with a specialized medicine and vitamin based approach to maintaining your current hair. We know that a hair restoration procedure loses its effect if we don't stop further hair loss. This is why we take this step very seriously.
When you visit Youthful Images, we will ensure that you have a plan to ensure that you do everything you can to maintain the hair you have and prevent any need for further procedures.
Some treatments that are commonly recommended include minoxidil, finasteride, and Nutrafol.

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