Acne can be bothersome at any age, teen through adult. Treatment has changed over the years from Acutane and oral antibiotics, which had less than desirable side effects, to improved topical applications and photo therapy showing amazing results. At Youthful Images we have had years of success treating acne patients within our medspa.

Firstly, patients are evaluated to determine the treatment plan best suited for their specific needs. All plans start with an acne skincare regimen. SkinMedica Acne products are superior and we have found them to be the gold standard.

For some individuals with mild acne, the proper skincare alone will give them the improvement they need. Most treatment plans for moderate to severe acne consist of SkinMedica skincare in combination with Benzaclin topical cream and a series of two salicylic acid peels. The peels are then followed by eight Clearlight (bluelight) treatments.

It is thought that most acne is caused by Propionibacterium. The Clearlight technology safely and effectively permeates the tissue to eliminate the bacteria at the root of the problem.

If you or your teen is troubled by persistent acne call us today. We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive skin evaluation and treatment plan developed by Dr Felice and our trained RN staff, at no charge.