There is much confusion between the appropriate use of fillers vs. Sculptra or Voluma. Dermal fillers such as: Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse are used to fill in “specific lines”. For example; the lines from our nose to our mouth, known as nasal labial folds or the lines from the corners of our mouth down toward our jaw line, these are know as marionette lines. Dermal fillers are also used to plump lips and fine lines above the lip. Sculptra and Voluma have a totally different purpose, they are used to restore volume in areas of the face that lost volume with age. These are subtle changes that occur over time in the area of our temples, cheeks and jaw line. Although these changes happen slowly unnoticed over time, the end result, gives our face an older appearance. By replenishing volume to these areas, an undetectable overall youthful look is restored.