There are so many skincare products advertised in magazines and on television; it’s no wonder people are so confused! Anti- Aging this and Younger Looking Skin that! Some individuals are under the impression that “price” will ensure them the best products. If it’s very expensive, it MUST be good. Not necessarily. Let’s talk about a little known fact; the FDA regulated skincare products. Which means any product sold OTC must have “active ingredients” that are of a certain restricted potency. So the products may not hurt you but they may not be strong enough to significantly improve the look of your skin; let alone reverse the signs of aging!
For this reason, the FDA states clinical skincare lines, such as SkinMedica, that have “clinical levels” of active ingredients, must be sold through a physician who can monitor their use. We take pride in our medspa and the fact that patients are evaluated by Dr Felice and treated by registered nurses. Skincare regimens are customized for each individual, with personalized nursing follow up. This ensures each patient is not only using the right products for their skin type, but the ones that will give them the best outcome.