Although silicone injections are illegal in the US, many women still receive them—knowingly or unknowingly—in the pursuit of lasting results.Ask your friends—see if they believe that silicone injections can be used to augment the lips, buttocks, face, etc. Although it’s not approved by the FDA, liquid silicone is often used off-label or on the black market by unqualified providers, and this fact creates confusion among consumers who think that it’s approved.

Silicone injections first gained popularity in the 1950s, when they were used to augment breasts. Because they caused infections, deformities and bumps, they were eventually banned. They are, however, FDA-approved as micro-droplet injections for scars.

Although it lasts indefinitely, silicone does not adapt to aging tissue. The only way to reverse any damage incurred—and damage is common—is with a surgical removal, which might not eliminate all the silicone or correct the visible effects. Lisa Rinna recently underwent surgery to improve the appearance of her lips, which she had injected with silicone in the ’80s. You can see from the photo at left of Priscilla Presley that silicone has all but completely ruined her appearance.

Please come in and see us for FDA-approved dermal fillers. High quality dermal fillers last long enough for you to get your value from their expense, and you’ll have no worries about a horrible reaction such as that experienced by Ms. Rinna and Ms. Presley, not to mention thousands of others who fell victim to silicone injections.

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