Nearly three hundred thousand women in the United States opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery each year. Breast augmentation is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure in America, and the figures aren’t much different across the world.

Women choose to have their breasts surgically enhanced for several reasons. While some women have suffered damage to their breast tissues due to illness or injury, most are simply enticed by the prospect of a boosted self esteem, an improved image, and a bolstered confidence with which to embrace the world. Most women can accurately imagine the effects that breast augmentation may have on their lives, but not many are clear on just how the surgery is performed.

Breast augmentation begins with a series of consultations with a qualified plastic surgeon. Surgeons help their patients explore implant options, and assist them in choosing a target shape and size for their breasts. Benefits to the patient such as improved self-esteem, social life, physical appearance, sex life, and overall quality of life are discussed. Surgeons also brief their patients on possible complications such as difficulty breast feeding or the possibility of necessary correctional surgery several years down the road. Recovery times are also discussed, and a date and time are chosen for the operation.

Breast augmentation patients are normally administered a general anesthetic, ensuring that they’re unconscious during the surgery. Their implants are placed in one of four major positions within the breast — specifically chosen for the most patient-appropriate compromise between implant coverage and natural shape — according to discussions already held with their surgeon before the operation. Once the implants are in place, any incisions made are repaired and the patient is allowed to recover from anesthesia.

Operation time ranges from one to several hours depending on the procedure, and full recovery is normally achieved within about six weeks. Many patients are able to return to work or their daily routines within about a week, and can expect to see any remaining scars completely fade within a few months.

Breast augmentation is not as much of a hassle as many women suspect. Talk to a qualified plastic surgeon to learn more.

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