A new cosmetic cream introduced by Rodial, a skincare product development company based out of the United Kingdom, aims to tighten and shape excess fatty deposits beneath the biceps. The company already distributes “bum lift” and “tummy tuck” creams which claim to slim and smooth the unsightly cellulite and excess skin that often accumulate with age. According to a recent article published by the Daily Mail, the new cream was developed after Rodial received upwards of 8,000 requests for a version of the existing product line specially formulated to reshape saggy arms.

The new cream may be a good option for those suffering from minor fatty deposits or moderately wrinkly skin around the arms, but so far its cost is all but preventative. With a suggested retail price of £59 for a 3 oz tube, customers will be paying the equivalent of about $30 per fluid ounce of the arm toning lotion. In addition to its cost, the cream’s inability to reverse the appearance of moderate to severe fatty deposits make it a second choice for many.

Luckily for many women, expensive creams aren’t the only solution when it comes to unwanted arm fat. Both liposuction and brachioplasty, an arm tucking procedure, are simple, fast and effective methods for restoring arms to their former glory. While developments in the skincare industry are certainly exciting, when it comes to substantially altering the body’s appearance sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and true.

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