This was the first filler to contain lidocaine, an anesthesic, to be approved by the FDA. This is another cosmetic filler based on synthetic hyaluronic acid, which closely mimics the substance found naturally in the body. Due to its high concentration formulation, less product may be required at initial injection.

Filler Selection

Hyaluronic acid injectable fillers have provided a new avenue of treatment for facial rejuvenation. These may be used to complement the effects of surgery or may offer an alternative to someone wishing to avoid a more invasive procedure. Wrinkles, folds, scars, lip enhancement, and facial volume augmentation are most commonly addressed by this approach. Your surgeon will advise you which product or products may be most appropriate for your needs.

Anti-Aging Procedures offer a variety of injectable fillers are now available to help soften facial folds and wrinkles for patients in Connecticut. These can be extremely effective in enhancing the results of facial surgery or providing improvement to areas of concern when one isn’t quite ready for a surgical procedure. Dr. Felice will review the various materials available and their relative advantages.

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