Lines, creases, wrinkles and folds are telltale signs of aging, and removing, reshaping and reducing them is the objective of a variety of cosmetic procedures. From non-invasive treatments like Botox, chemical peels and photorejuvenation to surgical procedures like rhinoplasty and rhytidectomy, plastic surgeons are armed to teeth in the battle against the inevitable. While you may already know that your doctors’ sleeves are loaded with anti-aging miracles, a less well-known fact is that you yourself hold one of the keys to longer lasting youth.

How can you retain a healthy, youthful look that lasts well into your forties, fifties and beyond? One of the biggest things you can do is take it easy. Avoiding and properly managing stress can help you to steer clear of the anxiety induced facial muscle tightening which can cause the development of crows’ feet and other lines. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are another great way to keep your figure and your skin looking fantastic. Gaining weight forces your skin to stretch and grow in order to accommodate new muscle or fat. Even after the weight’s been managed, your skin may have a hard time recovering and could appear looser or develop folds and stretch marks. And, according to the director of the National Skin Center in India, even smartphones could be responsible for premature wrinkles.

“Owing to the small screens,” says Navin Taneja, “[smartphone owners] have to focus a lot and excessive use of facial muscles causes wrinkles around the eyes.”

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