Many people think of cosmetic surgery as a collection of corrective procedures, something you do to fix a problem or curb an unwanted effect of aging. While plastic surgery certainly covers some corrective work, the surprising truth is that the majority of anti-aging procedures are actually best performed as a sort of preventative measure.

Embracing cosmetic surgery at the onset of visible aging can produce incredible results that look and feel far more genuine and subtle. For example, beginning Botox treatments before the formation of deep lines and creases can actually prevent those folds from ever presenting, giving the face a fuller, glowing beauty that’s more natural and graceful. Chemical peels and laser skin treatments can also effect astonishing results in younger skin that’s apt to heal and rejuvenate faster and more completely.

Plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures aren’t the only way to slow the effects of aging. Simple measures like properly managing stress, vigilantly applying a daily moisturizer, and refraining from excessive smoking and drinking can all have substantial effects. Here’s another, slightly quirky way to maintain a younger, smoother face: try sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back causes the weight of your face to pull towards your body instead of away from it, preventing muscles and tissues from forming creases by drooping away from your face.

Plastic surgery is a great way to correct the effects of aging. A balanced, intentional approach, however, that includes preventative measures as well as strategic cosmetic procedures deliver can deliver longer lasting, more natural results.

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