If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery, there are several things to consider before you go under the knife. Whether you are getting a tummy tuck, liposuction, a breast augmentation, facelift or another procedure, you need to think about what will happen before and after the surgery.

Choosing to have any surgical procedure done is a big decision, and it is not uncommon to have doubts. Make sure that you discuss your questions, problems or concerns with your surgeon prior to the big day. It may also be beneficial for you to speak with other individuals who have had similar cosmetic procedures done. Your surgeon may be able to refer you to someone who has had similar issues regarding their surgery.

After you have prepared your mind for the change, you should prepare yourself physically for the experience. Here are a few things that you can do to get ready for the surgery. You may have to acquire medical clearance from your regular doctor to ensure that your body is healthy enough to have the procedure. Many surgeons require this prior to agreeing to perform cosmetic surgery on an individual.

Your doctor will discuss specific preparation with you as well as answer any last minute questions you may have. This includes the possibility of scaring, the expected recovery time, and medications. You may need prescriptions for nausea or pain, and your surgeon will most likely provide these prior to the surgery. This way, you will have them handy if you need them after the operation. Certain medications may need to be avoided, specifically aspirin and similar products. Make sure that you stay away from anything on this list that the doctor will provide.

Begin taking better care of your body so that you can reduce the amount of recovery time you will need following the operation. This includes exercising, quitting smoking, and eating a healthy amount of protein. Doing these things will make the entire process easier on your body. Also, make sure that you take care of any personal grooming activities before the surgery, such as haircuts, waxing, pedicures, etc.

Just before the surgery, make sure that all of your regular household and work responsibilities are taken care of, or arrange for someone else to do these things for you. If you wear nail polish, take it off, as the anesthesiologist will need to examine your fingers to check for circulation issues.

Since certain procedures may cause swelling, including breast enhancement, so it is a good idea to prepare comfortable, loose fitting clothing for two weeks following the surgery. Set aside the clothes prior to the operation.

Remember to talk about all of your concerns with your surgeon, and be honest about the state of your health, especially regarding medications that you take. If you follow all of these preparation tips, you will have a great surgery with minimal recovery time.

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