Breast augmentation surgeries have been around for nearly a century. The success of the first breast reconstruction surgery, performed by an Austrian-German surgeon in the late 19th century, triggered a flurry of medical advances that began to define cosmetic surgery as it is understood today.

Cosmetic surgery hasn’t always been as effective and refined as it is now. In the early 1900’s breast implants were crafted from such unlikely materials as ivory, glass, rubber and even synthetic sponges. The 1950’s brought about the marriage of cosmetics with modern medical science which swept aesthetic procedures into popular culture and bolstered their credibility with the general public. After a brief stint with less-than-perfect injectable fillers, mid 20th century surgeons moved on to more modern technologies which still see some use today. By the early 1960’s, safe, reliable materials like saline pouches and silicone gel devices were being manufactured by implant specialists around the world.

Breast augmentation has come a long way. Several generations of implant devices developed throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties helped to explore the field and lay the foundations for modern implant technology. Breast implants today are made with a life-like, soft semi-solid gel housed within a dependable and resilient medical grade pouch. Advances in surgery techniques have drastically reduced recovery time — sometimes to as little as 24 hours — while an increased demand, professional competition and improved manufacturing have driven down prices and brought breast augmentation into middle-income America.

Today’s breast implants are far and away from their humble beginnings. They offer attractive, firm shape, a natural look and feel, and the peace of mind that comes from safe, effective and reliable technology. Women today are more empowered than ever to take control of their appearance and present themselves to the world with beauty, style and confidence.

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