If you would like to shrink certain areas of your body using liposuction while also giving your face a look of youth and beauty, consider the fat injection procedure. Part of this procedure is the purification of the fat cells to be used.

There are numerous methods through which fat cells can be purified, but the basic goal is the same: to filter out anything that isn’t a healthy fat cell. Liquids and dead or damaged cells are undesirable. The liquids are unnecessary, and the faulty fat cells will be less likely or completely unable to connect to the blood supply and survive.

Every fat cell that survives fat injection is one that will give your face more of the volume and revitalization it needs. For more information about the fat injection procedure and its various steps, contact our office and arrange a date for a consultation. Dr. Patrick Felice is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the respect of the medical community and a history of satisfied patients.