Everyone knows that a face lift procedure makes you look younger, but until recently the results of face lift surgery haven’t been carefully quantified. Dr. Eric Swanson of the Leawood, Kansas Swanson Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is helping to change all that.

Dr. Swanson is an energetic advocate of evidence-based medicine, or the selective practice of medical procedures proven effective through the scientific method. After opening the Swanson center in 1998, which was the first licensed ambulatory surgery center in Kansas City which specializes in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Swanson and a team of researchers began an array of investigative studies concerning cosmetic surgery. His aim was to help quantify the outcomes of cosmetic procedures, as well as to facilitate better understanding around new clinical studies in the field.

The results of the Swanson Center’s findings, which were presented to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, helped to shed light on how plastic surgery actually affects the patient: what it does to their appearance, how long it lasts and how the patient feels about the procedure.

Dr. Swanson’s investigation of face lift surgery included 122 patients who had undergone the procedure at an average age of fifty-seven. The study found that the patients appeared, on average, twelve years younger than their actual age. It also reported that 90% of the patients received positive feedback from their peers, 80% reported a boost in self-esteem, and 70% experienced an improved quality of life. While recovery times varied for each patient, the average was actually longer than most expected, taking a full 24 days off work.

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