Botox breast lifts are making the scene in the United Kingdom, and may be primed to gain popularity throughout the United States. The new technique for tightening and lifting has been acclaimed as an excellent solution for quickly improving the shape and smoothness of the breasts without the hassle of surgery or recovery. The drawback, however, is far from negligible. The treatment’s results only last about six weeks.

The botox breast lift procedure is fairly self explanatory: the firming, tightening agent known as botox is injected into the skin and around the nipples of each breast. The result is almost instantaneous. The breasts immediately begin to lift, smooth and tighten to rejuvenate cleavage and achieve a younger, firmer look and feel. The treatment works best for less ample breasts — at most about a size 34C — and is said to achieve a little more than an inch of lift.

One UK patient who underwent the procedure was clearly happy with the results.

“I could feel my chest tightening,” she said. “Almost immediately, my cleavage — which I thought I’d lost forever — reappeared with much smoother skin.”

Many plastic surgeons criticize the botox breast lift. They claim that botox is not appropriate for effecting that level of body molding, and cite its incredibly short period of efficacy as a clear drawback.

Longer term solutions for breast augmentation abound. Lifts, reductions, and implant surgery are all tried and true methods of delivering the beautiful shape and youthful firmness that many women desire. While botox breast lifts definitely deliver sensationally fast and seemingly effective results, it’s likely that the fad will vanish as quickly as it appeared. Results that only last a matter of weeks hardly represent a viable solution for women seeking the long-term confidence and renewed self-esteem that accompany quality cosmetic procedures.

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