Looking into augmentation mastopexy? The augmentation mastopexy procedure consists of a breast lift procedure for perkiness and the addition of breast implants for volume. Frequently, this procedure is requested by mothers who crave a restoration of their breasts following breastfeeding.

After breastfeeding, many women find themselves with drooping breasts that are lacking in volume and shape. The excess breast skin comes about as a result of the skin stretching to accommodate breast milk for lactation. Rather than shrinking after lactation, it hangs and causes breasts to droop. Augmentation mastopexy removes the lax skin and boosts breast volume with implants.

You can find out more about augmentation mastopexy by discussing the procedure with Dr. Patrick Felice, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a high degree of technical skill. Contact our office to make an appointment to see Dr. Felice.