January 29, 2014 Legislative Update

It never ceases to amaze me how government policies can be so convoluted. For the past two years we, as an organization, have spent countless hours and revenue on securing the safety of “Medical Spas”. In the 2013 legislative session we proposed guidelines created with the assistance of the Department of Public Health. Short of requiring licensure for these facilities, we conceded that the operational aspects of medical spas would have to come under closer scrutiny. We asked that every facility be overseen by a Medical Director who would be responsible for all procedures and staff. We added “truth in advertising” guidelines and requirements for accreditation, certification and training. Both houses passed the legislation only to be vetoed by Governor Malloy who felt that the legislation put an undue burden on the small business nature of these facilities. Astounded by the veto, we questioned when business interest trumped safety. Throughout the later part of 2013, we met in workgroups represented by the Connecticut State Medical Society, Connecticut Society of Plastic Surgeons, Connecticut Society of Dermatology, APRN’s, Anesthesiology, Physician Assistants, Med Spa owners, DPH and representatives from the governor’s office. Throughout the multiple sessions, it became clear that the wording would have to eliminate the need for a Medical Director. The argument was based on the current statutes for scope of practice and the APRN’s would not agree to the need for physician involvement. All other aspects were acceptable but the representatives of the medical societies could not come to agreement in eliminating the requirement for a medical director. We will pursue the bill further in the 2014 legislative session.

Patrick R. Felice, M.D.