Philip Treacy, a high profile hat designer who creates head-wear for the rich, famous and royal, maintains that a top notch chapeau can work miracles in highlighting and rejuvenating the face. He calls them a “cheaper form of cosmetic surgery,” owing to their apparent ability to transform facial proportions.

“When you meet someone, you meet their face,” says Treacy, according to a recent Huffington Post article. “It’s the most potent part of the body to embellish.”

Treacy’s hats have adorned countless guests of royal weddings, Sex & the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Grace Jones and even the Duchess of Cornwall. While he all but vows by the power of a fashionable headpiece, his works of art aren’t exactly affordable. Traecy’s hats and other custom made headgear of the rich and famous can run as high as around $1,000. Add to that that each piece is designed for a specific event and outfit combination, and the costs begin to accumulate rather quickly.

While fashionable clothes, makeup and accessories will always have a say in their wielder’s appearance, there’s no denying the long lasting, sublime effects of quality cosmetic procedures. Whether it’s non-surgical treatments like Botox or chemical peels, or a full on face lifting and smoothing procedure, those interested in lasting, natural looking beauty know where to turn.

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