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How to Treat Teen and Adult Acne

Acne can be bothersome at any age, teen through adult. Treatment has changed over the years from Acutane and oral antibiotics, which had less than desirable side effects, to improved topical applications and photo therapy showing amazing results. At Youthful Images we have had years of success treating acne patients within our medspa. Firstly, patients […]

Laser Treatment for Hyperhydrosis

Many people suffer from hyperhydrosis which is excessive sweating of the feet, hands and armpits. Treatment for this has been poor until now. The SmartLipo laser which uses two simultaneous wave lengths, 924 nm and 975 nm to treat excess fat and help tighten skin, now has a new application. Studies have shown treatment with […]

The Difference Between Sculptra, Voluma and Dermal Filler

There is much confusion between the appropriate use of fillers vs. Sculptra or Voluma. Dermal fillers such as: Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse are used to fill in “specific lines”. For example; the lines from our nose to our mouth, known as nasal labial folds or the lines from the corners of our mouth down toward […]

Silicone Gel Breast Implants…Are they safe?

The answer is a big YES! The silicone implants of today are very different from the 1st generation silicone implants from years ago. Firstly, you should know years of independent research was unable to correlate a connection between silicone breast implants and any autoimmune diseases, or any other disease for that matter. It was this […]

Using the Right Sunblock???

When shopping for a sunblock, you want to make sure you are protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun; so you check for a sunblock with a high SPF. If only it were that simple! Your sunblock may not be protecting you the way you might think it is, regardless of the […]

The Value of a Physician Directed MedSpa and an RN Staff

What is the first thing to look for when trying to decide where you should schedule an aesthetic treatment such as; laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation treatments and clinical skincare? Does the facility have a professional staff and is it physician directed? What exactly does that mean? It ensures you have been evaluated by a […]

The Difference Between OTC Skin Care Products and SkinMedica

There are so many skincare products advertised in magazines and on television; it’s no wonder people are so confused! Anti- Aging this and Younger Looking Skin that! Some individuals are under the impression that “price” will ensure them the best products. If it’s very expensive, it MUST be good. Not necessarily. Let’s talk about a […]

MedSpa Promo Packages

Dr Felice is excited to offer an addition, to our current specialized packages; A FREE SkinMedica Essential Serum…a $265 value!! And for a limited time (July 14-August 28th) Allergan is joining in and giving double Brilliant Distinction points on ALL Allergan products! This includes: SkinMedica SkinCare, Latisse, Juvederm, VolumaXC and Botox. The promotional packages are […]

Facial Fat Grafting Procedure – Recovery Connecticut

Facial Fat Grafting Procedure Connecticut

If you’re feeling like you could benefit from both wrinkle reduction and fat reduction, you may be interested in the facial fat grafting procedure. This technique is used to move excess fat cells to the face, adding volume and reducing lines and wrinkles. Because liposuction is involved, the facial fat grafting procedure requires recovery time. […]

VI Peel Treatment – Connecticut Procedure Length

VI Peel Treatment Connecticut

There are a plethora of peel options out there – but there’s only one VI Peel! Give yourself the VI Peel treatment with one of the most comprehensive and effective peels on the market. VI Peel treatment appointments typically can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes at the most. It’s a relatively short aesthetic […]