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VI Peel Procedure – Acne Chemical Peels Connecticut

Do you frequently find yourself waking up to pimples and other blemishes? Embarrassing acne can feel like an endless curse. To reverse your acne curse, consider looking into a VI Peel procedure. The VI Peel procedure is a type of chemical peel known for its ability to erase acne and acne scarring. Its unique chemical […]

VI Peel – Connecticut Chemical Peel Procedure

With today’s constant bombardment of advertisements featuring beautiful people, it’s understandable if you’re looking in the mirror a little more often for wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are a normal part of aging and can also be related to gravity and sun exposure. Skin rejuvenation procedures like the VI Peel are perfect for when you’re ready to […]

How To Choose The Right Med Spa

When thinking about Botox, fillers and laser treatments; where do you go? Well don’t let the word “spa” fool you; these are not your everyday spa treatments! Administering minimally invasive treatments requires highly trained medical professionals. The good news: Advances being made in aesthetics continues to grow every year. The bad news: It remains up […]