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BOTOX could become better regulated

BOTOX is among the top used anti-aging treatments in the world. Last year almost two and a half million people were injected with the fast acting substance in order to achieve a smoother, more youthful appearance. It’s no surprise the treatment is so popular. Between its wide availability, its proven, near instant efficacy, and its […]

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures on the rise

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are out-pacing their surgical counterparts at an increasingly surprising rate. In the year 2000, non-invasive procedures that offered less dramatic but more affordable results accounted for just over a quarter of all cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. That number has risen incredibly in the last ten years, settling at around […]

Asian patients undergo surgery to acquire “Western” appeal

The motives to undergo plastic surgery may seem different from culture to culture at first glance, but they’re more similar than might be imagined. According to a recent CNN report, affluent Asian patients are increasingly embracing plastic surgery to achieve a more “Western” appearance in the hopes of elevating their prospects. Many believe that a […]

Plastic surgery to prevent bullying on the rise

Plastic surgery is enjoying an increasingly comfortable reception in much of the world, a fact that’s attested to by the growing number of patients who undergo cosmetic procedures with each passing year. Last year saw a sharp rise in the number of men committing to plastic surgery, and now a similar rise is being witnessed […]

New bandage could reduce scarring

Scarring is a normal part of just about any major surgery, whether it’s a cosmetic procedure or not. Surgeons work very hard to reduce the visibility of scars, but they haven’t ever had a method at their fingertips that can help to guarantee the optimal healing of surgical incisions — until now. Geoffrey Gurtner, a […]

Liposuction has its drawbacks, says Connecticut study

Drs. Robert H. Eckel and Teri L. Hernandez of the University of Colorado recently led a study that sought to clarify the long term effects of liposuction. They assigned a group of women to undergo liposuction as well as a control group to refrain from the procedure, then checked up on both groups regularly over […]

Smooth tuck: a sculpted waistline, fast

The Doctors recently featured a surgeon who claimed credit for a combination cosmetic procedure developed to flatten and sculpt the waistline at a single go. The “Smooth Tuck” combines liposuction and abdominoplasty, that’s a tummy tuck, to deliver the firm, flat stomach that so many women crave. The combination procedure is far from new, however, […]

Your cosmetic procedures: getting the right results

Embarking on a new cosmetic procedure is a major decision, and it’s one that should never be taken too lightly. While the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery asserts that between eighty and ninety percent of patients report being very satisfied with their cosmetic procedures, what does that amount to for the other ten to […]

Plastic surgery booms in Connecticut

Plastic surgery has always fared well in Connecticut. In recent years, however, the trend appears to be on a steep incline fueled primarily by South Korea’s increasingly important medical tourism industry. Medical tourism attracted some 80,000 visitors in 2010, according to Lim In-taek, the head of the Korean Health Ministry’s Bureau of Health Industry. That […]

Fourth total face transplant in the country performed at BWH

A team of more than thirty medical professionals including nurses, physicians, anesthesiologists and residents performed the country’s fourth total face transplant this month at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a plastic surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital specializing in breast, facial and trunk re-constructive and alteration procedures, led […]